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Ronin Trucks are now patented!


We’re excited and proud to announce that Ronin Trucks have been awarded Patent No. US 8,684,370 B2 on April 1, 2014.

Patent drawingAbstract:

“A skateboard truck maintains truck geometry. The truck includes a support pin including a cylindrical end slideably engaging a cylindrical passage in a base plate, and a ball end residing in a socket in a hanger. A support pin bushing under the cylindrical end is compressible and both carries some of the rider’s weight and holds the ball end in the socket providing a second pivot to the truck. The second pivot eliminates horizontal play of the hanger thereby facilitating consistent compression of the kingpin bushings and improved stability of the skateboard. Support pin travel allows off-center king pin bushing compression for steering and improves shock absorption. Eliminating horizontal play allows lengthened kingpin bushings and use of the entire height of the kingpin bushings. The combination of kingpin bushing preload, and weight carried by he support pin, tends to equalize the compression of the top and bottom kingpin bushings improving stability.”


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