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Factory Riders

Max Capps

Max Capps

AKA: Cali Condor

Home turf: Orange County, SoCal

Biggest skate influences: Andrew Mercado, JM Duran, and Patrick Rizzo

Sponsors: Sector9 Skateboards, Venom Wheels/Bushings, Ronin Trucks, Vicious Grip, NJK, Kenny’s Components, Drake Inc, and his Mom.

Setup: The entire Sector9 board line, Ronin Trucks in all widths and angles, Riot tubes, Venom wheels and bushings, Vicious grip tape, Roger Bros hardware, and a Kreep Skategood California footstop.

When not skating: Max works at Handplant Skateshop in Laguna Beach and hangs out at home. He spends most of his time and energy on skating.

Emily Pross

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AKA: I don’t have a nickname but I’m open to suggestions

DOB: May 3rd, 1996

Home Turf: Vernon, New Jersey

Sponsors: Original Skateboards, Rad Wheels, RDVX Grip, Ronin Trucks, Community Bikes N’ Boards, Holesom Pucks, Riptide Bushings, Organic Hogwash, and Sikk Shades

What are you doing when you’re not skateboarding? I’m at the gym lifting weights, cooking, Skiing, Snowboarding, at school getting my bachelors in marketing, or playing some video games

Setup? Downhill: Original Maven 35 gripped with RDVX. Rad advantages (duro depends on the course) 45/30 174mm pro lite billets riptide 90a/85a barrels in the front and in the back 90a barrel/ 93a chubby

Freeride: Original Directional DK proto board, gripped with RDVX and some RDVX proto concave inserts (I call it ninja-cave) Cast Ronins with 90a barrels both front, back, roadside and boardside with Rad glides or some lathed down scrubbed Rad advantages

Preferred Setup: 174mm 45°/30° Pro Lites Pro lites

Jimmy Riha

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Preferred Setup: 164mm 45°/30° Pro Lites

Key Dougherty

Key Dougherty

Born: October 4th, 1983

Sponsors: Ronin Trucks, Gravity, Abec11, and a Muirskate supporter.

Best race stat: #2 qualifier at Maryhill, finishing 5th.

Setup: Gravity Key Dougherty pro model with 174mm Ronin hangers and 40°/30° baseplates most of the time, but rides every baseplate angle. Key also has a shorter 9″ wide version of his pro model with Ronin 45°/30° 154′s, and a Gravity Muira on cRonins.

Bucket list: Bonneville, Baja 100

Preferred Setup: 174mm 40°/30°

Pepe Laporte


Five years ago, I was introduced to Downhill Skateboarding and since then I couldn’t step off that board. Today my connection to the sport of skateboarding goes way beyond of just a sport’s practice, it is something connected to my spiritually, it’s what keeps my fire burning, it’s what allows me to dream, motivates me to live and gives me the power to achieve.

Through skateboarding I’ve been having the opportunity to meet very special  people, beautiful places and amazing cultures.

Skateboarding makes me a better person  each and every day.
I feel blessed for it.

Daniel Engel


Thiago Gomes Lessa

Tim Del