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Flow Riders

Tyron Knight

backside single glove

AKA: God Dangit Tyrone!

Home turf: Narara, which is located on the central coast in Australia.

Age: 16 years old and started skating three years ago.

Sponsors: Basement skate, Abec11, Ronin trucks, collective co, 1LNR clothing

Career highlights: Coming 5th in groms at his first IDF race, and beating Jackson Shapeira at his own race.

Setup: sector 9 javelin, 40/40 ronin pro lites 174mm, abec 11 wheels, collective co bearings, vicious grip, riptide bushings

Favorite Road: mt stuart, mt panorama, thane destroyer, maryhill

When I’m not skating: Tyrone can be found chilling with mates and family, or at the skate park.

Bucket list: Travel the world and to be rich!!

Weight and Bushings: 67kg’s on Riptide bushings.

Words to live by: Take everyday as it comes.

Preferred Setup: 174mm 40°/40°

Aaron Enns

AKA: The Ender

Home Turf: Bakersfield, CA

Sponsors: GMR Skateboards, Ronin Trucks, Xtreme Boardshop, and West Hem Roll.

Local Run: Aaron keeps his local runs a secret, but considers GMR one of his local run since he skates there as often as he can.

Setup: GMR Pro Tucker (race), GMR Tucker (freeride), Ronin Trucks, VENOM Wheels!!!

Favorite Road: They’re too many great roads in California for Aaron to choose a favorite.

Bucket List: Travel the world and attend as many events as he can.

When not skating: Working, sleeping, and eating. Aaron works full time construction (HVAC), which takes up most of his time. But skates whenever he gets a chance.

Weight and bushing setup: 130lbs red/red Ronin bushings.

Words to live by: ALWAYS HAVE FUN! Not everything has to be serious. Skate because you love it. Live life full of love (don’t be an asshole). Help who you can. Have respect. And ALWAYS!! wear a helmet!

Preferred Setup: 174mm 40°/70°

Bryan Reich

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AKA: Goat/Team Goat

Hometown: Vernon, British Colombia

Age: 18

Sponsors: Sector 9 Flow, Ronin Trucks, Team Goat

Career Highlight: 3rd place juniors Whistler Longboard festival World Cup 2013

Setup: Sector 9 Arrow, with Ronin 174 45/40 billets, vicious grip, Sector 9 wheels, ronin bushings and sector 9 bearings

Favorite Road: too many, anything fast and curvy

When not skating: sleeping or eating pancakes

Weight and Bushings: around 160 pounds and I ride ronin iced teas and the red ones that come with ronins, both barrel

Words to live by: TeamGoat, always be aware of what’s around you, and always go faster!!

Preferred Setup: 174mm 45°/40°

Alden Gwinn

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Sponsors: Omen Longboards, Holesom, Riptide Bushings, SMD Hardware, Roinin, Inconcrete Boardstore

Career Highlight: 2nd at eat concrete (Belgian Championships)

Setup: Omen Spawn, Omen Free Series wheels and bearings, Ronin Pro Lites 45/40 174mm, Riptide Barell/Fatcone, SMD Hardware and Footstop

Home Turf: Seattle, Wa but reside in Wassenaar, Netherlands

When not skating: Playing basketball or in the gym

Bucket list: Complete every IDF track

Weight and Bushings: 148ibs and I ride Riptide Tall Series Fatcone 90a on the bottom and 85 Tall Barrels on top.

Words to live by: “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

Preferred Setup: 174mm 45°/40°

Fabian Krebs

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AKA: Krebsmensch

Sponsors: Mantis Longboardshop, Rollsport Hamburg

Setup: Ronin ProLites 40°/30° 174mm / Sector 9 Mini Daisy / Lot’s of different wheels

Favorite road: Downhill runs in Auckland are the bee’s knees

When not skating: Hanging around the local shop, video games, school, chilling with friends

Bucket list: Complete the IDF North American tour

Weight and bushings: 145lbs 88a Lemonade Bushings all around

Words to live by: “Von nichts kommt nichts”

Preferred Setup: 174mm 40°/30° Pro Lites

Rain Daley

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Alias: Rainbow

Home Turf: Seattle, WA

Sponsors: Omen Longboards, Free Wheel Co, Ronin Trucks

Setup: Omen Phoenix, Ronin 174mm 40/30 split Billets, Free Wheel Co. Loaders, Free wheel Co. Bearings

Special Skills: Changing lanes without hitting the road bumps, French toast (if you have to ask you just don’t know) and organizing furniture.

Words to live by: “I ain’t keen if it ain’t green”

Sponsors: Omen Longboards, Free Wheel Co, Ronin Trucks

Preferred Setup: 174mm 40°/30° Pro Lites