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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Ronin’s SupportPin™ system different from Queen Pins or Spherical bearings?

Trucks with a standard spherical bearing will be out turned by similar angle Ronins because even though a spherical bearing removes lateral play from the system, it actually distorts the pure leverage on the bushings by increasing the space between them.

Queen Pin trucks take care of lateral slop and preload but don’t absorb vibration very well, delivering a rough ride, poor slide, and not providing maximum traction. Ronin Trucks offer an elegant solution: they have no spherical bearings to maintain, and they are not 100% rigid. The SupportPin™ meets the hangar via a SupportCup™.

It is a simple open-ended ball joint that floats on a rubber bushing housed in the baseplate. This simple concept allows for minor vertical travel, providing a smooth ride, slide, and great traction with very little maintenance. (SupportPin™ and SupportCup™ are both Patent Pending Technology)

How much do Ronin Trucks weigh?

We are over the whole weight loss game. In downhill there is no pressing need to have light boards. A rider only ever feels the weight of the board on the first and maybe second push off the start-line. After that everything has enough momentum that it makes little difference. The trucks are not feather light but they are very functional and that, to us, is the most important.

Actual weight: ~565g

How tall are Ronin Trucks?

Ronin Trucks are 2.35” from the center of the axle to the top of the baseplate. The Ronin baseplate family feature the same ride height across the board.

Do Ronins have Rake?

Yes, they have 5mm of rake (from the bushing seat to the axle). This gives you agility while utilizing the low steering angle of the baseplates for stability.

How are the axles secured?

Ronin axles are threaded in and secured using Loctite® adhesive.

Why 8mm over 10mm axles?

The conventional use of poor materials in trucks led to the easy solution to increase axle diameter and no research into better materials was made. Only recently have manufacturers started using materials that allow 8mm axles to be stronger than conventional 10mm.

Also, 8mm bearings are guaranteed to be at the local skate shop so replacement is dead simple.

What degree baseplates should I get?

The feel of Ronin Trucks is unique and therefore cannot be directly compared to standard trucks. The 40°/30° setup has been proven to break speed records and dominate race courses. The same board can navigate at low speeds. If you find yourself partial towards a 30°/30° setup, you will get a lot more lean!

Why low turning angles?

The support pin keeps the hangar on the pivot axis throughout the roll of the truck. This means that it will actually feel like X˚s throughout the entire articulation. The rake in our trucks delivers turn like a high angle standard truck while giving you the lean and stability of a low angle.

Where Standard trucks have hangar slop and lose turning angle the moment you start to roll, the turning action of Ronins are precise.

Why harder bushings?

The lower the turning angle of your truck, the more leverage over your bushings you have. With the low turning angles of Ronin Trucks, harder bushings need to be run to get the same amount of resistance that everyone is used to.

Also, we use a much taller bushing than the industry standard, which allows for superior articulation and dampening.

What duros do the stock bushings come in and which will work best for my weight?

Stock bushings come in 89a (grey), 92a (red), 95a (black) and 98a (white). We recommend that you run Ronin Bushings 5a – 10a harder than you usually run bushings depending on the plates that you get.

The lower the baseplate angle being run, the more leverage they will have over the bushings, and the harder the bushings will need to be.

What bushings fit in Ronin Trucks?

Ronins use a unique bushing size of ¾”, which gives them the great lean and turn characteristics that they have. The tall bushings allow for greater articulation without bottoming out their compression which usually leads to the ease of lifting your outside wheels in a turn.

Are the slotted mounting holes for multiple WB options?

Only if the board you are using has the option for Newschool mounting. Oldschool mounting is at the farthest ends of the slots. The mounting holes are slotted for ease of wedging, applying less pressure on the hardware when wedged.

Why a built-in kingpin?

The kingpin is built in to reduce play in the overall system. It’s threaded in and secured using Loctite® industrial-grade adhesive.

Is there a warranty?

Yes! If anything fails due to manufacturer defect, send us an email and we’ll check check out your problem! If anything fails due to customer mistake, email us anyway and we can work it out.

(Refer to news post 10/31/2012 for information regarding kingpin failure)

How much is shipping to …

We ship from California via USPS using their Medium flat rate box. Shipping within the states free, shipping to Mexico/Canada is $33 and international shipments are $50 for one set of trucks.