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Interview with South African grom Simon Sturrock!

Simon Sturrock 1

“… After a year of speaking to Enrique, he spoke to the boss and the night before I flew up to Durban to Race Peg Street Kings, bang, “Simon you’re on the team …” WHAT WHAT”

So you’re the up and coming South African Ronin grom, how does it feel to be the only guy over there sponsored by Ronin?

Lonely! No, seriously, huge privilege to be part of the Ronin team. It really shows me I’ve got what it takes, and especially being the only SA rider I can’t be more honoured.

What’s the skate scene like in South Africa?

It’s still growing. We need more technical races. Everything is tuck orientated to maintain as much speed as possible and to draft, NO SLOWING DOWN! But soon that will change with all the Durban okes finding these ridiculous hills over there.

(For those of us not from South Africa, okes means men, blokes, guys, or dudes).

Have you ever been to the USA?

Yes, but only the east coast, and that was a lifetime ago (12 years).

How do you think the South African scene differs from the American scene, or any other scene you may have experienced?

From what I’ve seen on videos, predrifting and foot braking are the main things over there. Also we are a lot smaller, but growing faaassst.

Simon Sturrock 3So what do you do in SA if not predrift or footbrake?

Neither, full tuck hahaha! I do both predrift and foot brake. They’re my main focus for when I come over sea’s.

How old are you?

Old enough!

So How long have you been skating?

This would be my third year.

How did you get your start?

I used to do downhill mountain biking. I was really wanting to make WP for that, but you have to do all the races in the year, and I was unable to do the first one so that dream was kinda crushed. I saw the flow of someone just cruising and I had to try it, and was hooked.

What’s WP?

Western Province ( wp champ).

What are your skating goals?

Do as well as I can. Travel a bit and see how I can do competing against some internationals. CALI HERE I COME!

Are you going to stay at the Ronin hotel right at the base of a Great Mountain Run? Look forward to seeing you skate that!

I think that’s the plan , Fred ??? lol

What are your non-skate related personal goals?

Eeehhhhaaaa ?? Do well at school and make like too much money.

Who and/or what are your biggest influences?

The people who are close to me and my skate family.

Is your family supportive?

PFFT? My Dad used to skate when he was a kid and keeps threatening to take up longboarding and to kick my ass.

Well he just might if he puts his mind to it lol! You have to watch out for the old dudes cough cough. It’s awesome that your family’s supportive.

Out with the old and in with the new . Yeah I really couldn’t ask for more from them.

How did you get hooked up with Ronin?

Wow this is a long story.  It started off when I got my very first set of Ronins. I would keep Enrique up to date with all my progress,  how much I’m loving the trucks, and my placing in races and videos … After a year of speaking to Enrique, he spoke to the boss and the night before I flew up to Durban to Race Peg Street Kings, bang, “Simon you’re on the team …” WHAT WHAT

Enrique hooks it up!

True legend.

Tell us about your setup?

Right now it’s a custom carbon Boardyard with some gold Pro Lites 40/40, K rimes These wheels and Tekton ceramic bearings. Bushing set up is 95a APS Riptide all round and sometimes 90a APS road side.

Why do you like Ronins?

They are different and in my mind the best. They have got the support pin, which sets them apart from every other truck. I have never felt a truck that feels anything like them, or has the same turning ability. It’s a true precision truck and I’m proud to ride it till I die.

What’s your favorite place to skate?

Franschhoek or the Glen.

Why are those spots special?

They’re kind of Gnarly.  Frenchie is long and winds for ever. Glen has intense speed and two hair pins with some gnar sweepers and bumps.

Do you skate other disciplines too?

Luge, but it’s not my first love.

What’s something you would like the world to know about you?

My passion for skating and love of the outdoors.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Yeah I sure do, the most supportive girl in the world. She’s really one of a kind.

You’re a lucky guy.

Simon Sturrock 2

Very lucky, you must see her on a slack line.

How do you train for a race?

That’s my secret and for you to find out!

Oh come on, we’re all part of the Ronin family lol! How about one tip for the young guns who look up to you.

Your mind plays a huge role, so put your mind to it and practice that tuck whenever you can.

That’s good advice. What’s the fastest you’ve ever gone on a skateboard?

103km/h  -  recorded on a GPS.

Lets see, that’s about 64 mph. That’s fast man!

Does sound fast doesn’t it ?

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