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Welcome Patrick Switzer!

[Photo Credit: Marc McCrudden & Christian Swanepoel]


Welcome Patrick Switzer to the Ronin family!

We are proud to welcome one of the sports greatest ambassadors. Patrick has demonstrated the versatility and all-round nature of Ronins as a downhill AND free-ride truck. Two race wins and several weeks of testing show early success in this collaboration. Patrick became World Cup Champion in 2011 and came second place, to teammate Douglas Silva, in a closely contested season in 2012. Without a doubt Patrick will continue race hard in 2013 for another chance at the World Cup!

Here are a few quick questions with Pat:

Q1. So what made you want to ride Ronin Trucks?

First off, the support pin concept intrigued me. It was something I had to try, but not just for one run. I spent three weeks with Fred riding GMR and other favourite roads around SoCal to see how they matched against what I had been riding.

Q2. What was the main difference over the rest of the competition?

I had felt looking at Ronins that they were a straight race truck. Riding one board, with one set of trucks for the majority of the year needs to keep you versatile. I was impressed how “tweakable” the trucks were just changing the orientation or removing a cup washer and how much bushing durometer changes the ride without becoming unstable.

Q3. What is you most favourite thing about Ronin’s?

That they come with morning rides up GMR, tasty oranges and an inviting family to be apart of.

Q4. How do the trucks affect your performance?

The control with a Ronin is something unique and suiting for a downhill free-ride style such as mine. I did not feel held back, more so I felt subtle differences helping my riding become cleaner, more tuned and less sloppy.

Q5. What is you current setup?

Rayne Vandal, Orangatang 80a inHeats, Vicious Griptape, Ronin 45/40 baseplates, Ronin Black 95a bottom bushings, Venom Dark Red (91a) top bushings, and Hollow Point Bearings.


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