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Welcome Max Ballesteros!

Welcome to the Ronin family Max Ballesteros!

Max B1

Max Ballerteros is one of Brazil’s elite downhill skateboarders, and we’re proud to have him as a part of our family. He proved himself in countless races in 2013. His skateboard has taken him to many different events, hills, skateparks, and allowed him to experience different cultures. Max Just finished off last year with a clean 6th place over all in the IDF world cup points. His sponsors include: Rayne LongboardsVicious GriptapeMuir SkateRad WheelsRonin TrucksRiptide Bushings, and Hammer Extreme Sports. Listed below are some of Max’s other skate accomplishments from the last couple of years.

Max B-teutonia_sick

Photo credit: Estefi Arlettaz

1st Verdicchio Euro Championships 2011

1st Independent DH Brazilian Nationals 2011

6st Teutonia World Championship 2011

1st Bombing for Apac 2013

3rd Vernom DH 2013

4th Maryhill Festival of Speed 2013

4th Festival de la Bajada 2013

4th  Mega Grand Prix 2013

2nd Teutonia World Championship 2013

Here are a few quick questions with Max:

Q1. So you recently switched over to Ronin Trucks… Welcome to the family dude! Whats your setup right now?

MB: Hell yeah Ronin Trucks, thanks man!!
I’m riding the Pro Light’s 174mm 45/40 baseplates for tech courses and freeride. I use Riptide 95a Tall Barrel  bushings on the bottom and 95.5a top . For downhill I like 45/30 baseplates, and for Teutonia I setup my Ronins on 40/30 baseplates. Ronins are the best trucks out there!!

Q2. What are some things you would like to see yourself accomplish while your skating?

MB: I’d like to get more involved with product development, right now I’m working on a new aero lid that should come out in December and someday work on my pro model board as well! I’d also like to help the sport to grow, see bigger events happening and riders being able to make a good living!!
One of my biggest dream’s though is to become World Champion, and I will continue to pursue this dream until I get it!!!!

Max B_Mega

Photo credit: Carlos Gomez

Q3. If you could hit any hill in the world and only that hill for the rest of your life what one would it be?

MB: Hard question brah hahaha, but I guess I would choose the “pass that must not be named”, a sick  15 minute run on the Italian Dolomites, it’s the most complete run I have ever bombed down, it will perfect your skating abilities to the Max!

Q4. Whats your go-to race that’s on the IDF circuit; that one you know you can do well at.

MB: No doubt Peyragudes, it’s the only race on the circuit that I have not attended yet and its my favorite style, been trying to be there for the last two years but no luck!! I hope they make it happen again next again so I can go!! I think I could do very well there.

*Most of the above information was excerpted from  Jimmy Riha’s interview Max Ballesteros and Ronin Trucks. To read the full interview, visit http://rad-train.com/max-ballesteros-and-ronin-trucks/.

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